Ikol Farms | What We Do

Ikol Farms is an indigenous agricultural establishment in Nigeria that produces seedlings of different varieties of temperate climate apple plants for commercial purposes. At Ikol Farms, we can help individuals, companies or institutions develop tropically pre-adapted apple tree orchards. We even accept apple fruits from individual and help them develop desired seedlings. Adaptations of the seedlings to intense tropical sunlight are done by gradual step by step natural process with no genetic modification at all. Identities of all of our seedling are verifiable via molecular techniques.

At the moment we propagate the following temperate varieties of apple:

  • Malus domestic 'Top Red'
  • Malus domestica 'Cripps Red'
  • Malus pumila 'Pink Lady'
  • Malus sylvestris 'Granny Smith'

Apple seedling at 6 months


Malus domestica (Top Red) Malus sylvestris (Granny Smith) Malus pumila (Pink Lady)

Nigeria's leading name in apple seedlings