Ikol Farms | Growing Apples in Nigeria

At Ikol Farms, we are motivated by the fact that babies no matter their ethnicity, born at any climatic zone on earth will intrinsically adapt themselves to the climatic conditions of that area. Thus we believe that most plant seeds, be it temperate or tropical, are endowed by nature with the potentials to survive and thrive in any terrestrial part of earth it finds itself, once you assist it to scale a certain barrier. At Ikol Farms these barriers are what we focus on deciphering. Some barrier aspects we have looked at include seed size, texture, moisture and temperature requirements for germination, soil nature and contents, water, macro- and micro-nutrient requirements, web of enzyme interactions, etc.

At the moment we are concentrating on different species of apples. Apples are mostly temperate fruits, but using complex germination and growth maintenance processes, we have been able to grow and maintain seeds from four varieties within three species of apples namely Malus domestica 'Top Red', Malus domestica 'Cripps Red', Malus pumila 'Pink Lady' and Malus sylvestris 'Granny Smith'.

Seeds of Malus sylvestris (Granny Smith) Fresh apple seeds germinants
Fresh apple seeds germinants from
our germination chambers.
Malus domestica (Top Red) at 18 months
Malus domestica "Top Red" at 18
months after transplantation.


Malus domestica (Top Red) Malus sylvestris (Granny Smith) Malus pumila (Pink Lady)

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