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Successful apple breeding requires patience, perseverance and some luck. It is even more difficult if not impossible, if one is trying that in an environment where the plant is not used to. At the moment we are propagating the varieties Malus domestica 'Top Red', Malus domestica 'Cripps Red', Malus pumila 'Pink Lady' and Malus sylvestris 'Granny Smith'. All our apple plants are raised from seeds. Our experiments have shown that, for our location as a tropical region, apple seedlings raised from seeds and preadapted to intense sunlight survived more than the imported rootstocks. Most apples plants are self-infertile, that means they can only produce fruits by cross pollination by a different apple variety/species. At Ikol Farms we have also taken steps to propagate each variety with its matching pollination type. Below is a little guide on how we do it.

Germinants of Malus sylvestris (Granny Smith)
Fresh apple seeds germinants

Our customized miniature solar-powered germination chambers provide the seeds with the optimum moisture conditions, combined with an intricate interaction of some organic enzymes and co-enzymes, that ends dormancy and elicits an almost perfect germination phase. This process excludes as much as possible the non/less viable seeds.

Root hormones and enhancement treatmentRoot hormones and enhancement treatment

Sucessful germinants are transferred to 5-liter plastic buckets containing soil rich in nutrients with predetermined optimum amounts of trace elements (Mg, Mn, Ca, etc. in white granules as shown above), and then returned to a different chamber for root hormones and enhancement treatments.

Apple seedling at 2 weeksApple seedling at 2 weeks

Once the seedlings are up to 2 weeks, we employ an advanced transplant protocol that reduces transplant shock by more than 95%. The seedlings are then exposed to regulated hours of sunlight daily for preadaptation over a period of 4-6 months.

Apple seedling at 6 monthsApple seedling at 6 months

Application of compost manure at 6 months

Once the seedlings reach 4-6 months, they are treated with a special soil and compost manure combination as seen in the different soil colours. At this point, they are all set for tropical life, when transplanted to a permanent spot.

Different varieties of apple

Different varieties of apple plants at 8-12 months old after exposure to direct sunlight.

Malus domestica (Top Rred) at 18 months

Malus domestica "Top Red" at 18 months old already transplanted to a permanent position.

Malus domestica (Top Red)Malus sylvestris (Granny Smith)Malus pumila (Pink Lady)

We are expecting to have the first set of fruits from Ikol Farms apples in late 2019… and by the way, won't it be lovely to have these growing right in your compound!


Malus domestica (Top Red) Malus sylvestris (Granny Smith) Malus pumila (Pink Lady)

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